We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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Reports should be made to the central public website https: It MUST be clear to MR subjects that all personal data collected during a market research project will be treated confidentially and are purely for the purposes of market research unless averse event reporting ephjra required and separate consent for transfer of personal data for this purpose has been given. We have refreshed and relaunched our conference website, which has all the vital information you need about the conference eohmra which is constantly being updated with new developments.

Healthcare Market Research News from Research Partnership

Do not call lists You must have legal grounds for accessing content on social media, these are likely to be either consent or legitimate interests. Agencies must not identify the pehmra or any confidential client data without the client’s consent except if there is a legal obligation to do so. Within any ephma research care should be taken to ensure that MR subjects understand when they are providing feedback on draft materials, hypothetical scenarios, assumptions, a product in development or as yet unlicensed.

If using a mobile phone means the MR subject incurs a cost this should be reimbursed, researchers should ensure that sphmra in market research does not disadvantage MR subjects financially. In France Loi Bertrand imposes a general disclosure obligation on companies manufacturing or commercialising health products or services.


Written consent is preferable but use of an on-screen check box is generally acceptable for data protection purposes. The intended use must not be specifically excluded within the privacy notice provided at the time of the original data collection.

Code of Conduct Online

A reporting template does exist and is available on the ASOCs website. Stimulus material includes any material shown during the course of fieldwork e. Researchers should try to establish as early as possible if the number to be contacted is that dphmra a mobile or a fixed-line telephone.

Primary records are the most comprehensive information on which a project is based, including not only original data records but also anything needed to evaluate those records e.

Welcome to EphMRA

Quotations containing personally identifiable epmra PII can only be provided to the client if the contributor has given their consent for this and it has been made clear that they will not be subject to promotion as a result of this. Live via video-relay including video-streaming. If a child is going to be asked to sphmra a product or device, the responsible person should be allowed to see this and if they wish to try it themselves.

Data can only be transferred, to a third party or overseas, when adequately protected. Offer advice on the specific therapy area under discussion. Protecting Personal and Company Data Should a carer be present or on hand if required?

It ehmra an industry-sponsored code that aims to define and safeguard the rights of MR subjects, protecting data integrity alongside the rights of MR subjects. Reflect the findings of the research.

Refreshments provided should be suitable for the age group and care should be taken to avoid any products that are known to cause allergic reactions.


Primarily focussing on China, but also other key Asian markets, this paper discusses how patients, empowered by technology, are becoming increasingly engaged with their health and how ephmrs can leverage this to educate and change behaviour.

If subjects are taking non-prescription 20113 i. The statement should be easy to find, easy to use and understand, including by children when appropriate. Criminal Record Checks for Interviewers It applies to market research carried out with healthcare professionals that takes place in France, whether commissioned from inside or outside France and requires that agreements between market research agencies and healthcare professionals are publically reported.

Upcoming market research events | SKIM

This will ensure that should MR subjects fail to complete the exercise for any reason their rights are protected. Reasons why the MR subject has been chosen personal experience of drug, expertise in therapeutic field.

An IP address might constitute personal data in combination with other identifiable data but there is no ephmga consensus about the ephra of IP addresses which can generally identify a unique computer, but may or may not identify a unique user. Telephone calls for survey research purposes are not bound by these provisions, although companies should be careful in drawing this line and should be aware of ongoing debate and concern eohmra survey activities by some regulators and legislators.

Whilst incorporating the impact of relevant legislation, neither the Code of Conduct nor EphMRA will be a source of legal advice. The presentation created a high level of interest and further discussions.